Bali Sports, Activities and Adventure

What to Do in Bali

Bali activities down at the shoreline enable you to enjoy surfing and a full range of other water sports; you can even go further deep to view coral gardens thriving with tropical marine life. However, Bali's excitement is not only bound to its rolling surf, scenic beaches and underwater playgrounds. 

You can find various other engaging Bali activities overland and in the water. Go for a scenic rice paddy trek, climb up volcanoes or pedal your way through the winding village streets up in the highlands. Exotic settings and exciting programs take you closer to Bali’s sights and sounds, and a traditional Balinese spa treatment can round it up on a soothing note.

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  • Top 10 Bali Activities

    Top 10 Bali Activities

    For those who would like to take a break from Bali’s shopping, dining and nightlife scenes, you might want to look at Read More»

  • 10 Best Water Sport Activities

    10 Best Water Sport Activities

    Water sport activities in Bali are for those who want something more than swimming and snorkelling, where adrenaline Read More»

  • 10 Great Surf Spots

    10 Great Surf Spots

    These fun playgrounds are strictly for advanced surfers as they mostly comprise serious reef breaks and greater curls Read More»

  • 5 Best Dive Sites Bali

    Discover Bali’s aquatic beauty at these most popular dive sites, from shipwrecks to expansive artificial reef gardens Read More»

  • 5 Best Snorkelling Beaches in Bali

    Take a plunge and enjoy these great snorkelling beaches around Bali, where you can find a good combination of calm Read More»

  • Top 10 Activities for Groups in Bali

    Top 10 Activities for Groups in Bali

    Visiting Bali as a group can be a fun, exciting, and memorable experience. Of all group travel destinations, Bali has Read More»

10 Great Surf Spots

10 Great Surf Spots

These fun playgrounds are strictly for advanced surfers as they mostly comprise serious reef breaks and greater curls Read More...

5 Surf Spots for Beginners

5 Surf Spots for Beginners

Bali has many famous surf spots, but for beginners they can be either slightly intimidating, or just too dominated by Read More...

5 Great Surf Schools in Bali

5 Great Surf Schools in Bali

Here are Bali’s top surf schools to help those anxious about getting on their board to feel the real thrill of surfing Read More...

Bali Surfing Championship and Events Calendar

Find out what Bali’s surfing scene is about with these festivals and championship events that you can witness throughout Read More...

Bali Wake Park

Bali Wake Park

If you fancy some wakeboarding action simply head to the Bali Wake Park, the only water sport arena of its kind in Bali. Read More...

Kitesurfing in Bali

Take your wave riding thrills to the next level with the aid of wind power. Here’s the low down on kitesurfing and spots Read More...

Scuba Diving and Dive Sites

Scuba Diving and Dive Sites

Bali's stunning reefs offer spectacular visibility. Dive shops offer PADI-certified courses. Beginners not need to Read More...

10 Best Dive Shops in Bali

Plan your dive trips, shop and rent gear, or get your PADI or SSI certification under the guidance of professional Read More...

Bali Dive Sites

Bali dive sites offer a different side of the island’s beauty – underwater. Each site has a special set of attributes. Read More...

Ayung River Rafting

Ayung River Rafting

As Bali’s longest and largest river, Ayung offers an exciting day out with class I and II rapids, where the island’s Read More...

Telaga Waja Rafting

Telaga Waja Rafting

Telaga Waja River in Karangasem, East Bali provides those with a penchant for nature thrills an exciting ride down Read More...

Bali Canyon Tubing

Bali Canyon Tubing

Waterslides don’t compare to this ride set among nature, where you cruise down a quiet river located in the central Bali Read More...

Circus Waterpark

Circus Waterpark

Circus Waterpark is located on Jalan Kediri in Tuban, and serves as a smaller and inexpensive option to Waterbom Bali, Read More...

New Kuta Green Park

New Kuta Green Park

New Kuta Green Park near Dreamland Beach on the western part of the Bukit Peninsula offers a unique family recreation Read More...

Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali

Bali’s premier water park, Waterbom now features over 17 exciting rides, slides and water games to suit all ages. The Read More...

Jambangan Bali Cooking Class

Learn about the art and techniques involved in Balinese cuisine through this cooking class in the cool highland village Read More...

Balinese Cooking Class at The Amala

This Balinese cooking class shows you how to create some of the island’s favourite dishes, in an elegant restaurant Read More...

Casa Luna Cooking School Bali

Learn about Balinese cuisine, its preparation, and its role and significance in Balinese culture on this popular cooking Read More...

Cycling Adventure

Jatiluwih Rice Paddy Bike Tour

Downhill Cultural Cycling Tour with Lunch

5 Best Snorkelling Beaches in Bali

Take a plunge and enjoy these great snorkelling beaches around Bali, where you can find a good combination of calm Read More...

Nusa Penida

See amazing mantas and oceanic sunfish on their migratory routes as they pass Nusa Penida Island, southeast of the Bali Read More...

Menjangan Island

Cross over calm seas to this remote island that is part of Bali’s nature reserve, then go under the waves to enjoy Read More...

10 Best Yoga Studios in Bali

Drop in and enjoy a yoga class at any of these great studios in Bali. They welcome all levels, and you can meet up with Read More...

10 Best Yoga Retreats in Bali

These best yoga retreats in Bali are set in among the island's most exotic locations and let you live in with daily yoga Read More...

Learning Yoga in Bali

Learning yoga in Bali has become increasingly popular, alongside spa, health and wellbeing travel. This is fully

Sure

10 Best Spas Inside Hotels in Bali

10 Best Spas Inside Hotels in Bali

Treat yourself to a stay that not only welcomes you to cosy rooms for a good night’s sleep, but also onsite spa Read More...

10 Best Luxury Spas in Bali

10 Best Luxury Spas in Bali

Mark these best luxury spas in Bali for your next plans for relaxation, be it only a soothing body massage using Read More...

10 Best Wellness Retreats in Bali

10 Best Wellness Retreats in Bali

Fulfil your pursuit for health and wellbeing with a retreat in Bali that provides attractive features and packages Read More...

  • Mason Jungle Buggies Bali

    Mason Jungle Buggies Bali

    Mason Jungle Buggies offers a fun day out riding heavy-duty ATVs through a specially designed, one-of-a-kind jungle Read More»

  • Karting Star Bali Go-Kart

    Beat the track records and feed your adrenaline rush at this exciting indoor go-karting circuit in Bali Read More»

  • 10 Best Hotel Kids Clubs

    Here’s where you can trust your kids to some fun and educational activities with caring services and five-star Read More»

  • Escape Room Bali

    Escape Room Bali

    Looking for a challenging yet fun way to unwind with friends while in Seminyak? This addition to escape room games in Read More»

  • 5GX Bali Reverse Bungy

    5GX Bali Reverse Bungy

    Reverse bungee is back in Kuta! ‘Get high’ (legally) as you experience a thrill of a lifetime shooting upright through Read More»

  • House of Trap in Bali

    When you’ve enjoyed Jimbaran’s seascapes and seafood grills, this fun escape room game nearby can be another great Read More»

Bali Adventure Guide

Bali Adventure Guide

Rafting, kayaking and cycling are just a few of the activities on offer around Bali's beautiful interior. Mountain Read More...

Underwater Activities

Underwater Activities

Bali's underwater scenes are as beautiful as its overland highlights, and continue to attract divers and non-divers, Read More...

Bali Paintball Arena

Bali Paintball Arena

Enjoying leisure and peace time in Bali? Enter Bali’s most awesome ‘battlefield’ and ‘go to war’ in a safe and fun way Read More...

Bali Quad Discovery

Bali Quad Discovery

Discover Bali’s rare nature and rustic scenes on fun buggies and ATVs. Zoom through salak plantations and leafy jungles Read More...

Water Jetpacks in Bali

Water Jetpacks in Bali

Live the moment as you fly over the waves with this fantastic new invention, which uses water jets to help thrust you up Read More...

Cycling in Bali

Cycling in Bali lets you experience the beautiful countryside of the island, as well as rural Balinese village life from Read More...

Horseback Riding in Bali

Strap on your riding boots, helmet and saddle, and embark on an equestrian adventure as you trot past some of Bali’s Read More...

Best Escape Games in Bali

Best Escape Games in Bali

Bali has a good handful of escape room challenges that test your logic and teamwork against the clock. Read More...

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Activities by Areas

Kuta Beach Activities

Kuta Beach Activities A-Z

While Kuta Beach is well-known for its surfing, sunbathing and beach massages, activities in Kuta extend beyond the Read More...

Seminyak Beach Activities A-Z

Seminyak and its nearby beaches to the north are favourite coasts for horseback riding. The waves are also perfect for Read More...

Legian Beach Activities

Legian Beach Activities A-Z

Legian offers a road-long 'art shop' selling from beads and accessories to hand-painted batik. You can find various Read More...

Ubud Activities

Ubud Activities A-Z

Blessed with incredible geographic features and a cooler climate, Ubud offers a variety of adventure activities whether Read More...

Jimbaran Activities

Jimbaran Activities A-Z

The Bukit Peninsula features the most perfect waves any surfer could ever dream of. For adrenaline seekers, paragliding Read More...

Nusa Dua Activities

Nusa Dua Activities A-Z

Nusa Dua offers a wide range of fun activities and facilities designed for the whole family. Try golfing at the 18-hole Read More...

Sanur Beach Activities

Sanur Beach Activities A-Z

Sanur Beach activities revolve around its coastline. Various water sports include kitesurfing and snorkelling. Sanur's Read More...

Tanjung Benoa Activities

Tanjung Benoa Activities A-Z

Tanjung Benoa is popular for marine recreational activities. Some hotels offer this type of service, but further along Read More...

Candidasa Activities

Candidasa Activities A-Z

Candidasa serves as base from where to discover verdant hillsides and rice terraces, world-class diving spots; cultural Read More...

  • Bali for Foodies and Culinary Adventurers

    A swirling mix of Indonesian, Chinese, and Indian flavors combine to create the culinary tapestry that is Balinese food. Read More»

  • 5 Unforgettable Ways to Watch a Bali Sunset

    Skies saturated in hues of gold, pink, red, and orange are the backdrop of dream vacations, and on Bali, the evening’s Read More»

  • 5 Ways to Pamper Yourself in Bali

    A holiday in Bali just wouldn’t be complete without a traditional Balinese massage, which weaves together the traditions Read More»

  • 9 Ways to Get your Adrenaline Pumping in Bali

    Bali’s sun-drenched beaches and serene mountain towns are the perfect place for those looking to slow life down a bit, Read More»

  • 5 Shopping Tours in Bali

    Elevate your shopping game beyond cheap souvenirs and knock-off handicrafts and dive into the works of incredibleluwak Read More»

  • 6 Wet and Wild Tours in Bali

    Calm lagoons rimmed by sugar-soft sand, ripping waves crashing into cliff-bordered beaches, and crystal clear waters Read More»

  • 7 Spiritual Tours in Bali

    Bali’s spiritual side is almost impossible to miss. Puffs of incense rise from small offerings of flowers in front of Read More»

  • 10 Great Things to Do for Muslim Travellers

    Check out this selection of tours and activities in Bali that are popular with Muslim travellers and non-Muslims alike. Read More»

  • 10 Extravagant Things to Do in Bali

    Experience Bali beyond the common sightseeing and attractions, with these best luxury tours – be it in the air, on land Read More»

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