Sanur Beach

Everything You Need to Know About Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is a former fishing village that still has a relaxed coastal ambience. It’s on the eastern side of the island's isthmus and is the opposite of Kuta, both in location and characteristics. It has managed to cling on to its charm and a wealth of arts and culture, making it a great place to enjoy both classic and contemporary attractions.

Sanur was the first area of Bali to be developed for tourism and contains some of the islands first hotels and beachfront retreats, together with an eclectic mix of restaurants, shops and bars. It’s not a place that lives in the past, though, as you’ll also find an assortment of innovative and modern entertainment venues.

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First Time in Sanur? Here is the Best of Everything!

  • Top 10 Hotels in Sanur

    Top 10 Hotels in Sanur

    Hotels in Sanur range from budget to luxury, and here we have listed the best. The resorts mostly retain a nostalgic Read More»

  • Top 10 Restaurants in Sanur

    Top 10 Restaurants in Sanur

    Sanur is one of the main beach resort areas in Bali that has a notably large collection of restaurants and bars that are Read More»

  • Top 10 Shopping in Sanur

    Top 10 Shopping in Sanur

    Shopping in Sanur is a laidback and easygoing affair, much in line with the general character of this quiet beach resort Read More»

  • 10 Best Nightlife in Sanur

    10 Best Nightlife in Sanur

    Sanur nightlife is a total opposite of its western beach resort counterparts (the likes of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak), Read More»

  • Top 10 Attractions in Sanur

    Top 10 Attractions in Sanur

    Sanur Beach is one of the first resort areas in Bali to see the influx of tourism which Bali has experienced over the Read More»

  • 10 Best Local Restaurants in Sanur

    Have these best local Balinese restaurants in Sanur on your checklist whenever you want to explore outside your Read More»

  • Top 10 Hotels in Sanur

    Top 10 Hotels in Sanur

    Hotels in Sanur range from budget to luxury, and here we have listed the best. The resorts mostly retain a nostalgic Read More»

  • 10 Best Value Hotels in Sanur

    Save up on your room with these best value hotels in Sanur, each promising cosy stays on this tranquil beach on Bali’s Read More»

  • 10 Best Beachfront Hotels in Sanur Beach

    10 Best Beachfront Hotels in Sanur Beach

    These best beachfront hotels in Sanur Beach promise you a stay on this sleepy sunrise coast that is both enjoyable and Read More»

  • Bali Seawalker

    Bali Seawalker offers everyone an opportunity to enjoy an underwater experience with minimum equipment. The ‘walks’ Read More»

  • Le Mayeur Museum

    Le Mayeur Museum

    Le Mayeur Museum is a memorial museum mainly housing the artworks and personal history of painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur Read More»

  • Bali Kite Festival

    Bali Kite Festival

    The Bali Kite Festival gathers hundreds of kite troupes from all over the island flying traditional kites, together with Read More»

  • Pantai Karang Beach

    Pantai Karang is a small section of Sanur Beach’s entire coastal length. Karang means coral in the local tongue and the Read More»

  • SOS From the Deep Escape Room Bali

    SOS From the Deep has the distinction of being the world's first NGO-backed and designed escape room. Developed by the Read More»

  • Man Shed Bali

    Man Shed is one of Bali’s unique themed bars featuring a grease monkey’s warehouse filled with vintage cars, motorbikes, Read More»

  • Big Garden Corner in Bali

    Big Garden Corner is a stone sculpture garden and art space north of the main Sanur resort hub. The garden features a Read More»

  • Bali Orchid Garden

    Bali Orchid Garden is a privately-owned mini botanic garden in Sanur. The garden focuses on collecting and cultivating Read More»

  • Pantai Segara Ayu Beach

    Pantai Segara Ayu is one of Sanur’s centrally located beaches. It features a stretch of clean white sand that is well. Read More»

Sanur Travel Guide

Sanur Beach Attractions

Sanur Beach Attractions A-Z

Sanur Beach attractions are within close walking distance via the paved beachwalk or Jalan Danau Tamblingan. Sites of Read More...

Sanur Beach Restaurants A-Z

Hotels in Sanur Beach host choices of restaurants and bars. Stand-alone cafes and traditional warung stalls line the Read More...

Sanur Beach Nightlife A-Z

Sanur Beach nightlife is lower key compared to its west coast opposite of Kuta. Several bars and cafes in Sanur serve Read More...

Sanur Beach Shopping A-Z

The Sanur Beach shopping scene starts on the beach sidewalks lined with art stalls. There is also a traditional morning Read More...

Sanur Beach Activities

Sanur Beach Activities A-Z

Sanur Beach activities revolve around its coastline. Various water sports include kitesurfing and snorkelling. Sanur's Read More...

Sanur Beach Map

Our interactive Sanur Beach map (with optional satellite views) displays all of the available hotels in the Sanur area, Read More...


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